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Kitchen Suppression

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Kitchen Suppression

Fire can be devastating; our Kitchen suppression systems is your best bet.

Fire can destroy all that you’ve worked for your entire life. 

We design, Install and service fixed kitchen fire suppression systems making you compliant with EN and BS Standards.  Also servicing these systems every 6 months including a 10 year overhaul keeps you compliant to European PED.


Benefits of a Kitchen Suppression system.

​With our system:

  • You avoid costly compliance fines

  • You can prevent disastrous fire outbreaks

  • You can keep everyone within your building safe

  • You improve workers confidence

  • Your building will meet the safety standard

Fire is deadly.  Let us help you protect your investment.

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“Nothing trumps working with a guy that knows what he is doing. Confident, friendly, and extremely competent, these guys worked on our kitchen suppression system like true pros without all the hassles”

—  Ciara Ryan

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