User Responsibilties

The following are a summary of your User Responsibilities as taken from the current Irish Standards (IS 3218 2013)
Daily Inspection (Responsible Person)


  • Ensure the Green Power On indicator is lit

  • Inspect for any Fault Indicator lit on the panel or internal sounder sounding

  • Inform the designated responsible person of any faults and log the event in the Fire Alarm Log Book.

  • In buildings not in continuous or daily occupation, it may not be practical to carry out a daily check.  In such circumstances the checks should be carried out on each occasion that the building is used.

Weekly Test (Responsible person)

  • Ensure all indicator lamps are operational and check that the internal sounder operates

  • Operate a Manual Call Point or Detector to test the system.

  • Check sounders are operational in all areas of the building.

  • Reset the system

  • A different Manual Call Point or Detector should be used for each test.

  • Check that all Call Points & Detectors are not obstructed in any way.

  • Enter test & results of the test in the Fire Alarm Log Book.

Quarterly Test (Service Providers Responsibility)

  • The responsible person should ensure that every three months the following checks are carried out by a competent person /Service Company.

  • Check all previous log book entries and clarify that any remedial actions required have been taken.

  • Check the battery and its connections. (Batteries shall be replaced every 4 years to ensure correct operations)

  • Test 25% of the Fire Alarm System to ensure correct operation, rotating areas at each visit.

  • Remove Mains Supply and check that the batteries are capable of supplying the alarm sounders.

  • Particular attention should be made to areas where alterations to the system or structure have been carried out since last inspection.

  • Any defects shall be recorded in the log book and reported to the responsible person, and actions should be taken to correct it on the instructions of the responsible person.