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Fire Detection Systems

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Fire Detection and Alarm System

Don’t wait to find out the hard way

At Absolute Fire and Security, we approach fire seriously.  We dedicate our efforts to
meticulous planning, design and implementation.  This allows our fire detection system engineers to design, install, commission and maintain your fire detection and alarm system to meet local and international standards; and provides you with the peace of mind knowing, that should there be an incident of fire, your fire detection and alarm system, will provide you with early warning, which in turn allows you to implement your evacuation procedures.

Responsive fire detection and alarm system and safety professionals
One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to acquiring a fire detection and alarm system. Our team of fire safety professionals has over the years refined their focus to implementing fire detection system that will accommodate the peculiarities of your facility, your needs and your budget.​

  1. Genuine fire detection systems
    We keep your facility and its inhabitant protected using only genuine, efficient, and smart fire detection technology.

  2. Professionalism
    We create absolute customer experience for our clients.  Our staff are professionals that will go the entire mile to understand and meet your needs in a friendly, polite and honest way.

  3. Fire safety on your budget
    We work with manufactures to provide you with systems at a very affordable price.  And our services are also competitively priced so you now have the chance to save more for quality fire detection system.

  4. Smart fire detection keeps you protected
    We’ve put a lot hours and research to bring to you’re business fire protection systems that will protect your employees and investment. 

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“Whether you own a commercial or residential building, Absolute Fire and Security have about the perfect system for you on the fly.”

—  Shane OBrien

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