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Portable Fire Extinguishers (PFE’s)

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Fire Extinguishers

Stay ready, always ensure there is a fire extinguisher at hand.  Protecting homes and businesses all over Ireland with powerful fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers allow you to control devastating fire from spreading.  It makes it possible to nip fire on the bud before professional helps arrive or needed.  Without an extinguisher, a spark can quickly turn into a disaster resulting in loss of lives and the destruction of your property.  Therefore having a functional fire extinguisher is a must.

At Absolute Fire and Security, we provide and service fire extinguishers for all your needs. Sourcing directly from major manufacturers you’re guaranteed genuine fire extinguishers at a cheaper rate.

That’s not all:

Because not having fire extinguishers can get you into trouble. We site install and service professional fire extinguishers to Irish, British, and international standards under the IS291:2015 standard.  We also test discharge 33.3% annually and record all the PFE’s service work in the mandatory fire register log book, which can also provided in a soft copy if required.

Louth Fire Extinguisher Services

For both residential and commercial properties, we will meet all your fire extinguisher needs in Louth.  As your first line of defense, you need the best fire extinguishers to stand a chance.

Our services include:

  1. Fire extinguisher Installation all over Ireland

  2. Replacement of old or broken fire extinguishers

  3. Sales, Recharge or refill

Inspection, Maintenance, and Testing of fire extinguishers

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“I just had new fire extinguishers installed in our home and the entire processes was so smooth. High fives to you guys.”

—  Tom Reilly

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