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Fire Training

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Fire Training

Knowledge prevents tragedy

At Absolute Fire and Security, we’ve put in a lot of thought and effort to design a one of its kind fire training program for individuals and businesses.  This training brings to participants first hand documented approaches to fire safety as experienced over the years by our fire safety professionals.  At the end of training, not only will participants become adept in combating fire hazards and improving safety, they will also have qualified to meet fire safety regulations and receive a fire training certificate.

Our fire training is an experience that combines information, experience, fire safety best practices, and insights.  This approach over the years, has set previous participants head and shoulder above their contemporaries.

You have the desire, now what?

Our instructors will help you determine the best approach and best suited fire training for you.  Whether as a group or individual, the outcome is always the same- outstanding experience.

We will also evaluate your capacity and progress and go a step further to provide you or your business a realistic approach to meet your needs.

A typical fire training program

Highlights include:

  • Understanding the law and legal regulations

  • The fire cycle

  • Highly competitively priced fire training

  • Hands on Fire Action and procedures

  • Fire safety procedures

  • Fire safety tools

  • Interacting with your instructors and Q&A


Benefits of fire training

  • Improved fire safety in your property

  • You’ll satisfy legal and government regulatory requirement

  • It is cheaper

  • Improved peace of mind and validation in the workplace and at home

  • Enhanced fire risk assessment capabilities

  • Fire Training Certificate


Trust us, we are fire safety professionals

Our experts have all it takes to impart knowledge the hands on experience, the qualifications, and the accolades in full measure.  Learn how to become a fire safety expert, book the most trusted fire training classes here.

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“I feel like I got as much value from the fire training classes. The instructors were very careful to ensure each student understood what was being taught, which is what I was looking for.”

—  Tom Grimes

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