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Emergency Lighting

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Stay On the Bright Side of Building Safety Regulations

Existing and new properties have different safety needs.  One such important need is ensuring your building is equipped with the best emergency lighting system available.  At Absolute Fire and Safety, our goal is never in doubt to ensure the safety of your businesses, including you don’t fall short of meeting safety regulations.

Passion fuels our processes.  And our emergency lighting processes are designed to addresses your specific needs and budget.  Meaning no two emergency lighting projects is the same.

As a full complimentary service, you don’t have to look for multiple locations to solve all your needs. Our services include:

  • Emergency Lighting design

  • Supply

  • Top notch emergency lighting Installation

  • Commission

  • Emergency Lighting maintenance service


Stay lit and protected.  No matter the size and use of your property, our technicians will create the perfect emergency lighting system in line with the current standards, giving you the reassurance of knowing that not only are you fully compliant, but also are providing safe working environment for your employees.

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“I just want to share my experience, which by the way was awesome! Our company hired the team over at Absolute for a project we’re working on for a client and they quickly understand our needs without problems at all.”

—  Nigel Mathews

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