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You’re care for those you love, those you work with, and protecting your investment is never in doubt, so do we.  Talk about a perfect match.  At Absolute Fire and Security, just like you, our focus is ensuring your family and business is safe.

With 40+ years of combined experience and knowledge in the fire protection, and
security industry, you can leave the trickiest fire safety and security challenges to us.  At Absolute Fire and Security, our experience, and in-depth knowledge of the industry means we have the confidence to offer the perfect solution to your fire protection and security needs.

Powered by our broad knowledge, cutting edge and latest technology, you’re booked to enjoy what complete peace of mind feels like.  And if reliability is something you care about, as you should, we pride ourselves as one of those few elite security and fire safety companies that offer complete 24/7 back up.

We believe in the security and safety of all.  Absolute Fire and Security offers one
account with a bespoke facilities package designed for your business needs and budget.  We offer you quality service at the most competitive price.  Truth is; you’ll be hard pressed to find a cheaper fire safety and security service out there.

Roundly considered by our clients as one of Ireland’s most dependable safety and
security service providers, Absolute Fire and Security business will work with you as
your business grows, not only in the good times but also in the difficult times.
Our planned preventative maintenance package is carried out by fully trained, qualified, and certified fire safety and security professionals to make your business, property and home compliant to Irish and European standard.

Absolute Fire and Security brings the many benefits of working with a world class fire safety and security expert in Ireland to your home or business thus ensuring your property, business, home and loved ones are protected 24/7.
We say it, we do it, and stand 100% behind our work, absolutely.
Welcome to Absolute Fire and Security.

What our clients are saying

“Finding the right partner who understands our needs and then transform these needs into reality was key in our decision to choose Absolute Fire and Security.”

—  Tom Byrne

Fire Detection System

A Fire Alarm System is quiet simply an early warning system. It is the most critical form of protection against


Fire Alarm Systems are designed to detect a fire at a very early stage, which allows the correct action to be taken, be in containment, the extinguishing of the fire at an early stage with the use of fire extinguishers, or a
full evacuation of the premises.

It is essential that a fire alarm system is, fully operational and maintained in line with the relevant standards (IS3218 2013).

Emergency Lighting Systems

The primary function of installing emergency lighting is to aid assistance in the evacuation of a building, in the event of loss of the supply to the general lighting circuits, be it through Fire or power failure.


All emergency routes and exits require illumination and this must be provided with emergency lighting.


It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all these systems are suitably maintained and checked in accordance with the current standards IS 3217 2013.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are a requirement in all commercial premises, and must be compliant with the relevant standards (I.S. 291 2015).


The principal purpose of a fire extinguisher is to extinguish or control a small fire, and can be used to aid in evacuating a building.

Absolute Fire & Security will ensure that your premises are fully compliant, regarding the number and type of fire extinguishers required.


Our engineers have all been trained to the highest standards, and we only use extinguishers that are manufactured to European standard EN3

Security Systems

197919-200 (1).png

Absolute Fire & Security, is a wholly owned Irish company, committed to their clients, we endeavour to provide security solutions using the latest technologies for intruder detection, access control and CCTV.


With over 20 years industry experience, we will assist customers to choose the security solution that will save them time and money.


Our security systems range from standard domestic to high-risk industrial/commercial/semi state and government bodies. Our service division operate a full 24-call out, thus ensuring prompt response to our client’s requirements.

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